Network Consultancy

Forward Networks ® has provided trusted Consultancy Services to Channel Partners, Managed Service Providers and Enterprise Clients for over 7 years. Our clients rely on the accuracy, diligence and quality of the advice we offer, often deploying vast amounts of capital investments in line with our pertinent advice and guidance. We will 'act as the owner' in every consultancy solicitation, we realise what is at stake and we will always provide fully objective and unbiased views on the subject matter as if the capital investment was our own.

Forward Networks ® believes that outstanding, up front and honest consultancy services practices and client satisfaction have been the true pillars of the company's continued successes within our industry. We aim to continue these practices and further strengthen our trusted brand reputation well into the future as we continue to build the company.

We provide specialist consultancy through a number of flexible channels. Some of the more popular solicitations for Network Consultancy services are listed below.

Initial Project Scope of Work

We often work with clients, whether MSPs, channel partners or enterprises to assist with the initial scoping requirements for a given project. Often, a decision has been made to refresh technology in a certain area. The mandate has been set but the detail of what is required is all too often too high level to adequately produce a project plan and realistic timelines. We can offer scoping services to enable a clear picture of exactly what is required, identify the key technical milestones and document the risks for careful tracking and project management. Accurate scoping of projects is the cornerstone of any successful project delivery.

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Multi-Vendor Product Technical Assistance

Forward Networks ® has often become involved in technical investigations and ongoing incidents when other sectors or the vendor TAC support is struggling. We will provide consultancy services working with the details of any ongoing incident, project issues or technical rollbacks. We prefer to work in this capacity under a valid support contract with a known client as we will have all of the company topologies and specifics of configuration, however, we are very often able to offer extreme value in ad hoc situations under consultancy engagements. Whether you're a business or an MSP experiencing technical issues, get in touch and we will be willing to offer valuable insight and avenues of investigation via our open consultancy avenues.

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High to Low Level Designs

Forward Networks ® can provide a professional 'LLD' Low Level Design Service. We can work to verify, validate and transpose an existing 'HLD' High Level Design into a highly detailed LLD ready for use in house or via a third party. A comprehensive LLD is critical to success and should be used by organisations of all sizes before any project is commenced. The LLD will act a centralised document and will allow all stakeholders full visibility, distilling the high level details into something highly bespoke to the clients existing environment. The LLD should clearly outline any assumptions, and have any caveats clearly outlined.

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Implementation Strategies

Strategy of Implementation is of major importance under certain conditions, namely a migration of existing infrastructure and services such a technology refresh programme. In our experience, a poorly planned, or complete lack of technical strategy is where most major programmes begin to falter. Technical Strategy is often overlooked and very frequently only forms a small thesis of any existing LLD. Forward Networks ® will always recommend a implementation document which clearly outlines phased approaches and inter-dependencies which can be anticipated. This can be innovative technical and analytical strategies that strip out some of the risks associated with relying on out of date documentation or lack lustre end to end service understandings. Effective technical migration strategies are key to success. The larger and more complex the transformation, the more essential the strategy. A solid strategy can be integrated into the project manager's plans helping to articulate progress through orthodox managerial reporting capacities.

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Alternative Reviewing

Alternative Reviewing is something we advise and encourage. We enforce a policy of peer checking for all of our planned migrations, no singular over-sightment should ever be missed. We agree with the same principles applied to device configuration for projects and designs. We are often asked to review existing Scopes, HLDs and LLDs by a number of organisations. Client confidentiality is taken extremely seriously, any approach for reviewing will be assessed and all sensitive information will be removed before circulation to reviewing teams based within our organisation. We believe this approach allows smoother industry practices and benefits all parties engaged.

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Advice and Guidance

This is our white label trusted consultancy service. Forward Networks ® offers flexible consultancy options for general Advice & Guidance on any Network and Security related aspects. This can sometimes lead into some of our other more focussed consultancy disciplines, but is ideal for initial 'no obligation' engagement from businesses direct at their early project stages. If you're unsure, please get in touch and we'll be delighted to advise how we may be of use.

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