Managed Services

Forward Networks ® provide SMEs with a portfolio of Network Managed Services to suit all organisational requirements and budgets. No matter what size the organisation, it very often makes perfect sense to outsource specialist functions from specialist companies - professionals that dedicate their time and resources to their industry. This is the case with Forward Networks ® and our Network and Security industry.

The Network is the essential fabric of any organisation. The specialist Network technologies deployed are quite often overlooked and typically covered under sub standard desktop IT support contracts. In these circumstances, when things go wrong they are very often not resolved in a timely fashion. Whatever the size, having dedicated network specialists on hand with an in-depth understanding in all Network technologies is essential for companies to thrive, be productive, and stay efficient and reliable at all times - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Network LAN & WAN Managed Services

This is our typical Network Support Managed Service and is suitable for all organisations. We offer flexible support agreements that cover all data Networking Technologies. This support is versatile and highly scalable, whether you require support for a single unified services wireless LAN, or a 5500 user Campus Network - We have it covered.

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Data Centre Support Managed Services

Data Centre Network Support should different to the LAN, and this is why a specialist is required. Often specialist hardware is deployed, such as Cisco Nexus with various potentially arcane design configurations from VDC to large ultra low latency configurations. We offer 24/7 support contracts that cover Data Centre Networks.

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Network Security Managed Infrastructure

Network Security is now essential for all companies irrelevant of size or industry. Perimeter Security Devices such as Firewalls are often the route cause of a large percentage of incidents. We offer managed support for new rules modifications or any troubleshooting that may be required. We are highly skilled within all major firewall vendors, whether standalone appliances or appliances that have been configured to operate as part of management platform. Management Platform based firewalls include Check Point and Juniper Network and Security Manager. Stand alone firewalls are generally a CLI or HTTP locally managed device.

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Application Delivery and Load Balancing Services

Some of our larger clients rely heavily of their load balancing architecture. We are extremely well versed with the entire F5 Suite of platforms and modules. Most organisations require F5 LTM support, although we have accumulated a wealth of experience with some of the platforms deployed in large enterprise environments such as VIPRION hardware, GTM and ASM module deployments. We are extremely well positioned to provide managed support for all F5 Products no matter what size organisation.

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Network Device Managed Services

We offer support for a range of Individual Network Devices, this could be a SAN or a single multifunction device such as an all in one wireless router. Get in touch and we'll offer a quotation.

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Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

We offer onsite and offsite Disaster Recovery Services. These fall under managed services. We can offer support for an existing co-location service or we can offer ongoing support on the back of one of our own DR Solutions.

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Complete 24/7 Monitoring Services

24/7 Monitoring Services. Solution packages at very competitive pricing. By Implementing such solutions you, your business and your team can take back control of the environment and begin to secure that reputation you deserve. Forward Networks have worked and deployed many different solutions so we can work with you to find the one that fits. We can deploy an on site solution, or maybe a complete managed solution hosted in one of our data centers using secured connection may better fit your needs. There are a number of options and depending on the level of functionality required there is a solution to fit every budget.

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Auditing and Compliance Services

Forward Networks can very efficiently map, audit and document all your network infrastructure to a very high standard within a short space of time in a professional manner. We use unobtrusive methods to gather the information needed and we uphold a very strict data confidentiality policy. Our Cisco Certified engineers have vast amounts of experience carrying out this type of work within large organisations working with a variety of multi vendor equipment, many with very out dated documentation and even some companies with absolutely none. We use a range of sophisticated tools in addition to interviewing and physical inspection techniques to gather all information required. No network is too complex for us, often we will also uncover legacy equipment, lines that can be ceased and security risks that can be closed as part of our network documentation service. As a result, the return on investment can be visible in a short space of time

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